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Terms of Service

Here’s When I Don’t Pressure Wash

  1. I don’t pressure wash in heavy rains.  This might sound strange considering that I already get wet when cleaning your house.  But heavy rains increase the likelihood of losing control of heavy ladders.   And it makes surfaces even more slippery.
  2. I don’t power wash when it’s too cold.  This one is pretty subjective.  But here are a few reasons. I’ve noticed that when it gets too cold, the bleach doesn’t seem to work as well.  It’s not as effective in killing the mildew.  Running cold water over cold hands is not a great mix.  So either I’ve got to take breaks and warm up, or I just need to call it a day.
  3. And of course it’d be foolish to power wash in thunderstorms.  Sometimes with those summer storms, lightening flashes about.  Pointing a metal pressure washing wand up into the air sounds like a great way to become a living lightening rod.
  4. High winds can make ladders difficult to control.  Your property is valuable, and I don’t want to lose control of my ladder and have it slam into a window by accident.  And when I’m high up on a ladder, I wonder if I could be blown off or blow the ladder around.  I’d rather not find out.

Our Agreement

Until the work begins, you and I are free to part ways.  Once I begin work, I plan to complete the work, and my expectation is that you will pay me in full at the end of the work.


  1. I accept cash, check, gold, or silver.  If you have a bill paying service that you’d like to use, please ask me prior to beginning the work whether or not you can pay me with this service.  I understand it’s convenience to you.  But it is often not a convenience to me.  I need to be able to plan accordingly.
  2. If your check is returned for insufficient funds, I am charged a fee by my bank.  I will collect double that fee from you plus the amount that you owe.  If you do not make good on your promise to pay, I will file an action in small claims court.  I also will never do business with you again.

Escalation Clauses

We are entering a period of prolonged high inflation.  Prices for supplies such as bleach, gasoline, soap, and other supplies that I use for power washing and other parts of my business are increasing or are just not available in the quantities needed.  I include an escalation clause in my contracts to offset price increases due to inflation or because I may need to find more expensive alternative supplies.


I reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, as I see fit.