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I’ve been pressure washing and painting in the New River and Roanoke Valleys since 2006.

My focus is to deliver a high quality service to my customers.

pressure washing the siding of a house

Pressure Washing Siding

I was born and raised in out on the nation’s west coast before adventure and life took me on the road.

I’ve been interviewed for ABC’s World News Tonight, NPR, various newspapers, and radio shows.

Besides growing up on America’s left coast, I’ve lived in five other states and spent seven months in Kenya from September 2012 to April 2013.


I apprenticed for just over two years with a local house painter.  Now I provide high end

Prepping a house for painting

High up on a 32 foot ladder

pressure washing, deck staining services, and occasionally house painting, to the residents of Blacksburg, New River Valley, and the Roanoke Valley.

2021 marks the 16th year I’ve been in business.

Since I bear all the responsibility of the business, I do all the work myself.  No employees and no sub-contractors.  Life is simpler for me and you, my customer.

If there is a situation where it is advisable to have a second person for safety reasons, I will not hesitate for a moment to bring him to the work site.

Weirdest Thing I’ve Pressure Washed

I once was dog sitting for a family.  I worked most of the day and returned in the evening to find that the dog had become sick and made a mess on the area rug.

I grabbed the rug and took it outside and tossed it onto the grass.  Then I hauled out my pressure washer, set it up, and washed the carpet.  It worked!

The Most Dangerous Thing That Has Happened

In April of 2017 I was cleaning a dormer on a roof.  Somehow I lost control of the pressure washing wand and shot a hole in my right arm.  The arm erupted into a geyser of blood.  I could not clamp the injury until I climbed down the ladder.  The emergency room doctor had to pry my left hand off the injured arm.  Thankfully the pressure had stopped the flow of blood.  Amazingly, I did not hit an artery.  All together, I spent an hour in the emergency room and ended up with three stitches.

Power washing injury.

When I’m Not on the Job

When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, talking politics and economics, as well as studying marketing and copywriting.

I live in a house built sometime in 1937.   The house is shared with my little crippled cat, Slider.  Since she can’t scratch her own face, my job is to provide her with on demand head scratching services.  I also serve as Slider’s personal fur stylist. Slider is quite keen on showing up in her finest, her best, richest, most costly furs . . . always striving to be the cat’s meow.

Despite her back legs not working well, Slider climbs trees, delights in being chased across hardwood floors, uses the remnants of a chicken coop as her jungle gym, and periodically finds the curiosity to venture into the sheep barn.  I can always tell when she’s been there because she returns smelling like a stinky little sheep.  A serious fur pas.