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Pricing and Payment

    1. How much does it cost to pressure wash my house?
      Your house is unique.  So it may require tall ladders, getting on your roof, extra cleaning solution, renting specialized equipment, or the property might have challenging terrain.   Since, I am a visual person, I have to see your house so that I can clearly understand the challenges that I’ll be facing, think through any problems, and calculate a price that takes into consideration all these things.
    2. Do you have a minimum charge?
      Yes.  It is $95.
    3. What form of payment do you accept?
      I accept cash, check, gold, and silver.  I am not set up to accept payment via credit card or PayPal.

Cleaning Your House

    1. What do you use to clean my house?
      I generally use bleach.  I’ve also used Krud Kutter, and Jomax.
    2. How long does it take to clean my house?
      I generally will spend two to three days on a house.  But it is dependent upon the challenges of your house such as getting on your roof, the size of the ladders I might need, and whether you request additional services such as gutter cleaning, painting, or window cleaning.
    3. Do you do the work yourself?
      Yes.  I work by myself.  I do not have any employees.  Though I reserve the right to bring someone else in, should I see the need for additional help.
    4. How often should I get my house pressure washed?
      I’d love for you to get your house pressure washed every one to two years.  But some people like to wait three or more years.  The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to clean off the mold and mildew.
    5. I’m on a well.  Do you bring your own water, or do you use my water?
      My pressure water uses the water pressure from your house to feed water into the pressure washer.  Wells can present a challenge.  I have two approaches that I can take.
      A. I use the pressure washer for an hour or two and then shut down the machine and leave or take a break.  This gives your well time to rest and let the water replenish.  Then I return and run the pressure washer for another hour or two and then let it rest.  If the water coming out of the pressure washing wand begins to spit water, or I sense that there is less pressure coming out, that indicates I’ve either gone too long or the pressure tank cannot keep up.
      B. Another way to deal with a well is to apply less diluted bleach on the siding.  Spray it down, let the bleach do the work, and then rinse the siding.  It is slower, but it saves your water and well.
    6. Do you clean windows?
      I clean windows.  I offer the service as an add on for pressure washing, as well as a stand alone service.  I clean your windows with a soft brush for window cleaning during the pressure washing.  At the end of the job I will clean the windows with glass cleaner.  If you have screens, I included them as well at no additional charge.  Lack of screens does not change the price of window cleaning.

Other Services

    1. What other services do you offer?
      In addition to power washing houses and decks, I also stain decks and wooden siding, as well as interior and exterior painting.

Mold, Mildew, and Fungus

  1. I have these little dots on the siding of my house.  What is this?
    This is most likely Artillery Fungus.  It looks like little dots were sprayed on the siding of your house and windows.  This fungus comes from mulch that you or your neighbors have put around your houses.  The longer this fungus stays on the siding, the more difficult it is to get off.  Only about 25 percent of the time am I able to get the artillery fungus off the siding completely.
  2. This year the mold and mildew just took off!  I’ve never seen it so bad.  Why?
    My guess is that the humid conditions and the frequent rains in the New River Valley tend to create the ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth.
  3. What causes mold and and mildew to grow on my house?
    The wind blows dirt and dust onto the siding of your house.  This provides the conditions for mold and mildew spores to become established and grow.  The frequent rains and humid conditions help it thrive.
  4. When will the mold and mildew start growing on my house again?
    The truth is, as soon as I’m done cleaning the side of your house, mold and mildew are already starting to grow back.   Mold and mildew spores need dirt and dust to thrive.  The wind carries dirt, dust, and spores, and these attach to the siding of your house and start growing.